August 06, 2005

A mother again

It's been quite some time since I last posted and so much has happened.

The most significant thing is that I'm to be a mother again!

We found out on, I believe it was, April 9, that I was expecting. This truly is a miracle as we had been told that I probably couldn't have any more children due to what was believed to be the onset of (very) premature menopause. Needless to say, all of my doctors nearly fell on the floor when I said I was pregnant!

The baby, which we discovered was a boy on July 17, is due December 13. However, he will be delivered at least two, if not three, weeks early.

We have already given him a name: Jonathan Taylor Cadman Westhead.

Jonathan is Hebrew, a good Bible name, meaning "God gives."
Taylor is in honour of English missionary to China, J. Hudson Taylor.
Cadman is in memory of my husband's mother, who graduated to Glory on July 19.

We are all very excited about Jonathan's arrival, especially my older son, Tommy, who is just thrilled that he is going to have a baby brother to share his room and toys. Of course, that attitude may change once Jonathan realizes that all of these things are his as well!

It's been a very challenging pregnancy. I'm treated as high risk, not for the baby's sake, but for my own. I just spent a week in the hospital because of problems and now must make sure I rest and avoid stress. Oh, it will be a difficult 4 months coming! However, the blessings will be great, even though the trials will be burdensome!