July 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the day! 2009 MS Wheel & Walk, Roundhay Park, Leeds

Tomorrow is the day! My Tommy and I are walking 4.2 kms (2.6 miles) to raise funds for MS! My dad and uncle have already been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and my cousin is in the process of being diagnosed, after years of thinking she had fibromyalgia. Scary!

The walk was all my son's idea. Tommy is 7 and is extremely close to my dad. He doesn't understand MS, but he knows that it has made his Pop-pop very sick in a very short time, and he wants to find a cure.

Please be thinking of us tomorrow morning. The walk begins at 9:30am UK time, which is 4:30am EST. I've not been doing too well with my FM lately, either, so it will be a physically challenging walk, in addition to the emotional challenges the walk is bringing. Also, please be praying for good weather. Yes, we're in England, and yes, we're in Yorkshire, but we've had a lot of rain this past week, with more scheduled for the weekend. Please pray the rain will hold off until everyone has completed their walks!

For more information on the walk, as well as the UK National MS Society, click here: Wheel & Walk Roundhay

We've just been desperately trying to get the word out to increase awareness of MS, and we've managed to get stories in one of the Bermuda newspapers and in our local paper, the Hemsworth & South Emsall Express:

Here's the link to the Hemsworth Express:
Fitzwilliam's Tommy is in step to help granddad

And here's the one in the Royal Gazette:
Bermudians taking part in UK Multiple Sclerosis Walk

We're so excited about the walk. We've currently raised about £170 (about U$275), but our goal is to raise £250 (about US$400). If you would like to support us, even if it is for just a couple of pounds or dollars (£1 = US$1.60, approximately), we would be just thrilled. Thanks to the MS Society, we've been able to set up our own online fundraising site, where you can make a donation using your credit card or PayPal, making it easy to give. You can visit our site at Tommy's MS Walk.

Thanks in advance for thinking of us, praying for us and lending your support!

July 03, 2009

Why can't I find a blog update reminder...

With all the junk emails I get, including reminders for silly stuff, I wish I could get my blog to send me a note about needing to be updated! LOL! Oh, well... To be dependent on my feeble memory...

I had a fantastic time visiting the family in Bermuda. It was my first holiday without Andrew or the kids since, well, before Andrew! It was nice to not have to worry about my two little munchkins, taking them to school, getting them to karate, and so on. Time was mine to do as I wished, to see friends, to sleep in, to go out.

Rebecca was a GORGEOUS bride and the wedding went just beautifully. The girls looked wonderful and the wedding was a blast. Of course, there were lots of other events leading up to the big day, which was on June 6. On the Sunday before, we had a surprise shower for her, organized by her bridesmaids. On the Monday, was my SIL Brenda's 30th birthday, so we organized a BBQ for her, complete with cupcakes. Wednesday night was out to Harbour Nights, and on Thursday evening, I went out with all the girls for a bit of a night on the town. Friday was the rehearsal and Mark's parents put on a fantastic dinner afterwards.

The trip was also marred with some sadness, as we lost a dear member of our Bermuda church family while I was there. Uncle Mac, James MacMaster, passed away after a road traffic collision, but thankfully I could attend the funeral while I was still home. How wonderful that the Gospel could be preached fully at the service!


The trip back to Bermuda was challenging, to say the least. On top of a Tube strike in London, some adverse weather prevented the flight from London from landing in Bermuda. Instead, it was diverted to Boston for refueling, where it then returned to Bermuda. As a result, the flight returning to London couldn't take off until around 1:30am, around 5hrs late. And because of continued bad weather, we didn't land in London until around 12:30pm, UK time!

That, of course, would have resulted in my missing my train from London up to Wakefield. Thankfully, British Airways was able to fly me on to Manchester, which was the closest they could get me to home. Unfortunately, THAT flight was also delayed, causing me to miss the fast train from Manchester to Leeds. Then there was the flooding on the tracks in Sheffield, which caused some more delays. So, instead of arriving in Wakefield a little after 3pm, I didn't get in until 7:30pm... And all to no husband at home!


Andrew had a bit of a scuffle with our cat, Slinky, which resulted in Slinky - my giant ball of fluff - biting him and putting Andrew into the hospital for FOUR days! He finally got to come home on the Saturday - the same day as Tommy's 7th birthday party!

Yes, you heard me... Tommy is SEVEN!!! I know, where does time go??? He had a great little party with a military theme set at Pontefract Castle. Thankfully, Andrew's sister, Lynn, and brother, Nigel, were able to stay and help, as Andrew was at home, resting.

So, Andrew's been home from work, all this time. He went to the physiotherapist again today, who wanted him to stay home a further 2 weeks, but enough was enough. He managed to get an appointment with a GP this afternoon, who finally signed the form allowing him to return to work as of Monday, on a somewhat limited duty. I don't think Andrew could handle any more time off work... I don't think I could, either! LOL!!!


Anyway, I had an awesome phone call today... About 2 months ago, one of the UK crafting magazines I read had a contest to design a card featuring the Forever Friends bears, by Hallmark. I put two different cards together, then started asking everyone which card they preferred. I finally sent one of them in, and today, got a phone call that I am one of the winners!

I have one a night at the Ramada Inn in Bradford, complete with dinner and breakfast, then a tour of the Hallmark studios the next morning, a goody bag and a crafting session with some of the Forever Friends artists and Creativity! Magazine's own craft guru, Claire Curd. While there, the overall winner will be awarded a signed original painting of one of the Forever Friends bears!

I am just over the moon! I simply can't believe it!!!! My boys are all jealous, and want to know if they can come with mommy for the night, but NO WAY! This is my time! Now to find a sitter for them on Monday, while Daddy is at work...


Now, looking to the very near future, next Saturday, July 11, Tommy and I will be getting up bright and early and heading to Roundhay Park in Leeds to participate in National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Wheel & Walk. Starting at 9:30am, we will be walking 4.2kms (about 3 miles, or so) to raise funds for MS, and in honour of my dad, Gerry, as well as my Uncle George, and friends with MS in Bermuda.

So far, we've raised about £110, but we'd love to raise a lot more! We're even going to be featured in an article in the Hemsworth Express this Thursday!

If you would like to sponsor us, you can visit our website at Tommy's MS Walk. Thanks in advance!!!