March 13, 2007

So busy...

Well, it's been pretty busy lately...

I finished up my Guest CT with A Cherry On Top in January, and served as a Guest CT for Katie the Scrapbook Lady (ACOT) during the month of February. I've also joined the CTs for, a Christian/faith-based scrapbooking website, and with KikiScraps (

Also, as a result of my joining at Faithfully Yours, Melissa Rose, whose CT I joined some time ago, is also selling there now!

I've been busy teaching a scrapbooking and papercrafting class at the Community School as well. Next week is the last of the 8-week course. It's been a fun class and I've had a great group of ladies in the class. They're all asking for me to teach a second-level course next!

I've also been invited to speak at several seniors groups about scrapbooking and preserving memories. I already spoke at one, and it was quite a blessing. The next one is next week. I also hope to garner some custom album work through these talks.

February saw our family travelling up to Burlington, MA for me to have treatment at Lahey. I had a lithotripsy treatment to break-down some kidney stones, but I ended up developing a blockage and had to have an emergency cystoscopy to open the ureter up with a stent. The stent will be removed in the next few weeks, once it's confirmed that all the stones are gone.

In February, we also said good-bye to our car. Two days before flying to Boston, DH was hit head-on by another driver who pulled into his lane after pulling out of a line of traffic. Fortunately, we've been blessed by some friends from church who are lending us there spare car - his sister recently passed, and he hadn't yet sold the car (in Bermuda, you're only allowed one car per household). DH has been busy looking at cars everywhere and is hoping to buy a 3 year old Suzuki Ignis tonite, Lord willing!

Church has also gotten quite busy. After only a short period of notice, we said farewell to our pastor and his wife, after 16 years of service. It was very hard to say good-bye. I was only 14 when they first came to Bermuda, and it was under their ministry that I went away to study ministry at University, was comissioned as a missionary to China through the church, married (he married us) and dedicated our two sons to the Lord's service. We had a special day to celebrate their service, including two services, a church pot-providence (pot-luck) and dessert fellowship. Thanks to several of our church photographers and some of the ladies in our church's scrapbooking ministry, we were able to compile a 44-page 12x12 scrapbook album, containing photos of them and various church ministries throughout the years, as well as 16-years of church history in the form of bullet points. We also added two pocket pages and created five autograph pages, which were put out during the fellowships for people to leave messages on.

Our pastor's wife was also given a lot of other photos, and so she approached me about doing another album - where to buy stuff, etc. So, as a farewell present, my husband and I purchased a second album, papers, cardstock and adhesives, so she can compile it.

As vice-chair of the deacon board, DH is quite busy as well. The deacons are all sharing the burden of preaching at our three weekly services - DH had the privalege to speak at the first service after our pastor had gone. His next sermon will be in a little over two weeks.

Well, that's all for now - there's still so much more to write, but I don't want to bore you!