June 30, 2006

Horrible day...

Today has been horrible... I had a car accident on my way to work this morning.

Fortunately, I had already dropped the boys off at daycare. I came down the road the school is on and stopped to look before turning onto the main road. It was clear, so I progressed, only for my tires to spin out on me and the car go into a skid (it had just rained). I tried to compensate (thanks to cars, I remembered how to compensate). I missed going head first into a wall. I put the front corner of the car into the side of a parked van.

The van has hardly any damage on it (although the quote - yes I already have a quote!) is for $885 (remember, this is Bermuda... $50 in parts, $835 in labour... figures). My car, on the other hand, crumpled. The front left fender is shot.

I'm alright, for the most part. Really badly shaken up and I'm starting to feel the pain in my back - Sucks having Fibromyalgia. It really doesn't like the sudden, swift movements of an uncontrollable car.

Fortunately, I am getting a small bonus at work - looks like it'll used up almost completely to fix the tiny dent and paint scratches on the other car, or for DH to fix our car. He's planning on doing it because it's an old car (1997 or 98) - I think he's hoping to find another old car like ours and "buy" the particular section...

At least the guy who owns/drives the van (it belongs to a business) has been pretty good (other than rushing to the auto shop...). Young guy (not too bad looking either) and you could see he didn't know what to do with a woman who was crying like a baby... He patted me on the shoulder...

I had two angels come to my rescue. One was a gentleman who looked at the car and said, "Look, don't worry - it's just a thing. Things can be fixed. You need to calm yourself down." The other was a woman who works in a nearby office. She brought me inside for water and Tylenol to wait until DH came and so I could sit and try and calm down...

I did manage to make it to work. And now I'm sitting here, in pain, wanting to just cry and wishing I had just gone home like DH suggested (he left work in a friends car to meet me). Of course, at least my boys weren't in the car. I can only imagine how terrified Tommy would have been because he normally sits in the front passenger seat (old car, no seatbelts - Tommy sits up front with the shoulder belt and we installed a lap belt in the back for the baby's seat. DH finally managed to find more belts for the back after a 2 year search and was half-way done installing them when he broke his wrist).

June 28, 2006

I'm so lame...

You’d think I’d toot my own horn, but I’ve been signed on as a designer for a new start-up digital shop, Scrapdragon Designs! I have two kits available on the site – one is a mini 8x8 freebie, called Denim Determination. The other is called Wildflowers. There is also a doodle kit called Love Notes.

Denim Determination is currently the #1 best seller on the site (probably because it’s free!), but Wild flowers is also doing well.

So, be sure to check it out! There’s a link on the side of the page…

Why does this feel so… well… weird?

I’m a mom and my children go to school. Okay, they go to daycare, but, I still have to remain in communication with their teachers, letting them know when they are sick, if we have to leave early for something, how and when to administer medicine.

Most of the time, I am able to do this verbally, in person or on the phone. I can handle that. What feels really strange is writing notes to the teacher.

You’re probably saying, “Why? You’re a writer – letter writing should come easy!”

It does – I can blend pretty posies of prose when I want to – but there is something about writing:

“Dear Miss ~. Jonathan is teething. To help ease him through the process, please administer 1ml of Tylenol at 11am and 3pm. SIGNED Mrs. Sara Westhead”

It’s so lacking in creativity; so pedestrian. Plus, it feels just plain weird to be writing notes to the teacher!

I guess I better get used to it. My oldest is only JUST starting is educational career, so I still have YEARS of boring note writing ahead… Or maybe he’ll just learn to write his own notes early…

June 13, 2006

Cuteness Factor

We had a big, busy, long weekend this past weekend.

Central to the whole weekend was my oldest’s 4th birthday. The celebrations began on Friday when he brought ice cream sandwiches and a piñata to school. On Saturday, I took him and his two best buds to see the movie “Cars,” which was excellent, by the way.

Sunday was his actual birthday. Other than church and a last chance to get ready for his party, we had nothing planned except him opening his presents from us, which he loved, particularly the Mr. Incredible suit.

Monday was the big day. Fortunately, it was Queen’s Birthday holiday here, so I took advantage of having the long weekend as an extra day to get ready for the party – a Pirate spectacular.

As the kids arrived, they were fitted with bandanas and given an inflatable snake-sword and sent outside to splash in the wading pool until everyone arrived. Our activities included decorating their own treasure chests, which doubled as their party bag, pin-the-pirate-on-the-X, a water balloon toss, a treasure hunt for “gold dubloons,” and a peg-legged pirate piñata. We opened presents and enjoyed a yummy cake from the bakery.

By the end of the day, the kids had a ball. We had enough activities to keep them going all afternoon without getting bored and everyone thought it was a wonderful time. In fact, most of the other moms now want me to do their kid’s parties…

Of course, the baby, it seems, didn’t want to be out done and competed with his brother for cuteness factor. On the oldest’s birthday, the baby decided to achieve THREE firsts in one day. He cut his first tooth. He discovered the word “Da-da.” And he stood up in his crib for the first time.

I asked my 4 year old how he felt about Jonathan trying to “out cute” him on his birthday. He turned around and said, “But mom, he IS cute!” ‘Nuff said…

June 08, 2006

Really cool kit

Hi all!

This really cool kit will be available shortly through the Natural Designs in Scrapbooking June ND*ezine. Be sure to visit their website to sign up!

June 05, 2006

Designing on my mind...

I haven’t scrapped a lick this weekend, although I got awfully close. I plotted and planned to my hearts content but I haven’t actually created a page.

And I really need to get cracking… Why?

I only have a couple of weeks to complete my pages for the Memory Makers Masters contest, get colour copies and get them mailed out to wherever they need to go for the July deadline. On top of that, the KI Memories deadline is looming as well. Not to mention the one-off page contests for ACOT and beginning my CT duties at NDISB.

This is what I DID get done this weekend though – I know exactly what my pages should look like for the MMM and KI contests. I’ve sketched them out, now I just have to find the right photos for them.

Also, I continued working on my very first digi kit, “Wildflowers,” and started working on another new kit “Bermuda Blue.” As soon as Scrapdragon Designs is up and running, they should be ready for sale. I’ll try and post a teaser, at least for “Wildflowers,” later…

June 01, 2006

Totally Chuffed: My Big News!

It feels like I’ve made it, or something… A few months ago, I would never have guessed that I’d be where I am now.

I’ve been scrapbooking for years, back when it was just a little hobby, long before it became the national pastime of women everywhere. I’ve always been drawn to paper – in stationery stores, card stores, craft stores – so it’s easy to explain what is now an obsession for me. But, it was still a ‘back-burner’ thing for me – something I wanted to do, but never had time for. That is, until I rediscovered one of my favourite scrapbooking websites – A Cherry On Top.

I had been shopping there for a couple of years, but I finally started getting involved with their message board around Christmas last year. Before very long, I discovered something very new to me, new, but equally enticing as paper – digital scrapbooking.

I did my very first layout in January and posted it to the gallery. I started trying my hand at it more and more. I scoured the internet for every free kit I could find and downloaded every one that I remotely liked. Then, ACOT started selling digital kits… WARNING WILL ROBINSON… DANGER… DANGER…

I played with it. I carefully studied other people’s layouts. I asked questions and looked for tutorials on how to do things on the computer that you would think could only be done with paper.

And now, I’m feeling pretty chuffed about my abilities. I was just asked to join the creative team of digital design company. I can’t wait – this is so exciting.

My dad’s response to the news was: “Who'd a thunk somebody could ever possibly become a "profeshunul" crapbooker! Gaah-lee!”

So, am I a “profeshunul”?? I don’t know, but this is going to be so much fun!

Gag order...

I have awesome news, but I can't share yet... Will post later!