February 22, 2009

A quiet afternoon...

So much to do and so little time! DH is out of the house, and so are my kids, so I've been left with an afternoon to myself!

Unfortunately, a late night is slowly catching up with me and now I'm so drowsy... I went for a quick walk down the street to the shop to pick up the paper and a pastry, and came home to get some more work done for my upcoming classes, but discovered that the cream in the pastry had turned off! YUCK! I'm not really in a mood to go back and ask for my 50p back, but... oh, well...

Yes, I'll be teaching again soon! We've set up classes at Ackworth Garden Centre, beginning the first Wednesday in March. I'm so excited! We've had a lot of interest, and I think will be adding one or two more classes soon, as well!

It's an 8-week course that teaches the basics of scrapbooking, as well as a variety of paper-crafting techniques utilizing a variety of products distributed by Do Crafts, here in the UK.

This is just one part of what we hope will be the relaunch of my scrapping business, like I had in Bermuda, under a new name - My Happy Scrapbooks is the current contender! I'll be advertising for custom albums, teaching and craft parties.

February 14, 2009

Freebie just for you!

Well, it's been forever since I did any digi designing, but to create my new blog header, in honour of a reveal at A Cherry On Top, I thought I'd create my own mini kit.

I'd love to see anything you make with it, so please drop me a note!

Retro Rainbow

February 10, 2009

It's only been 9 months...

since I last posted to this blog!

Well, maybe I'd better get better at it, since more people will likely be reading it from now on!

The family and I have been in England for about 6 months now, and it's been quite an adjustment, from just the weather, to the troubles with the youths in the neighbourhood. But, we are settling in, finally.

We've found a fantastic church, and are all involved in some way, shape or form. Andrew is playing guitar with the music team during the Sunday evening service, while I'm teaching Sunday School and helping with your youth club on Monday nights, which both boys attend.

Our Tommy is doing wonderfully in school, and absolutely loves his history class. They've been learning about the Plague and the Great Fire of London, and he's had his daddy searching the internet for more information.

Jonathan started school just a few weeks ago, and attends the nursery attached to the school in our village in the afternoons. He can't wait to go to school most days, and always greets me with, "Mommy, me hadda good day!" and a smile!

Andrew's settling in at his new job, but is definitely looking forward to having this week and next off on holiday. Next week is mid-term, so our plan is to travel south to Southampton to visit his sister for a couple of days, if the weather holds.

England has had the worst snow in 18 years, as well as flooding in parts. We've been okay - lots of snow and it's been very cold, but we're getting on!

I actually hope to be teaching soon - a scrapbooking class at a nearby garden centre, where I also go to a craft club. Everything looks just about ready to start, so just the final details need to be coordinated! I can't wait!