September 18, 2009

The Boys are back at school!

Yeah!!! Tommy started 2 weeks ago, and Jonny went back this past Monday.

Both are in new schools. Tommy graduated to Crofton Junior School, and Jonathan is finally old enough to attend Crofton Infant School, where Tommy went last year.

Tommy was a bit hesitant about going back. He claims school is "boring," but loves the fact that they are studying World War 2 again, and have gardening every Thursday afternoon. So, in fact, he is really enjoying it after all.

Jonathan, however, is in seventh heaven! He was so excited to start on Monday, and had to get into his uniform extra early. When the two of us were chatting on Monday night, I asked him if he was excited to go back to school the next day. He gave me this funny grin, complete with tongue sticking out, and then said "Again? Back again??? YES!!!" He still attends half days.

That leaves me with afternoons free. If you can call it free! I've been running around like a mad woman, as usual... We're hosting a Ladies' Craft Morning at church next Saturday, and I'm teaching a craft and giving my testimony. We're going to be making mantle Christmas decorations - 4 paper-covered chipboard sheets, tied together with ribbon, that spell out - NOEL.

I've picked out this gorgeous paper from Papermania - their Joyeux Noël set, designed by Stephanie Dyment, and I've picked out semi-sheer red and gold ribbons. Should be absolutely gorgeous!

I may also do a Christmas card design, to share as well.