May 07, 2009

An update! And a freebie!

Well, we had a great week with my mum. She arrived on the 27th, and we took her everywhere you could go with only one week to visit, including picnicking on the moors, the home of the Brönte sisters in Howarth, the National Coal Mining Museum, the National Railway Museum, the Royal Armouries and York.

It was wonderful to also celebrate my birthday with her, as well - the first time since I was 15! We took a whole day to ourselves to visit York, pop in and out of the shops, and enjoy a fantastic lunch at Betty's.

I've had so many other exciting things happen recently, as well! I've had a couple more digital scrapbook layouts picked up by Scrapbook Inspirations, a British magazine. In fact, they have asked for submissions! Also, they have added me to their list of contributors, so hopefully, in the near future, I'll also be writing for them!

Also, my class at Ackworth Garden Centre continues to grow. It's been moved to Thursday evenings, which seem to be more convenient for many students. I will also be demonstrating scrapbooking at the shop this Saturday for their Spring Craft Event!

More classes may be on the way, as well, thanks to a chance meeting at a craft fair Easter weekend. I should be meeting with the owner of a new store that is opening nearby, and she already has several people interested!

Finally, the biggest news - I may have a job doing what I love! My friend, who is the co-owner of Ackworth Garden Centre, recently met with a representative from one of the larger British craft distributors. They are in need of demonstrators to travel to stores selling their products, and I met with the rep yesterday! She loves my stuff, and wants to see more, especially some stamping projects, and wants to watch me teach one of my classes.

The pay is pretty decent, and it's mostly Saturdays, so I'm really excited that this will take off! Who knows where it could lead!

Last, but not least, I have a new freebie for you! I've been desperate for some digital designs based on my Momiji dolls and my brilliant office curtains, so I finally sat down and made my own.

Here's a sample of Oriental Dolls...

The set contains 6 different dolls, with different hair styles.

You can download it HERE.
Please let me know if you enjoy it and I'd love to see how you've used it!

May 06, 2009

So much to do, so little time!

I had a wonderful visit with my Mom, Rosemary, who was here for a week, visiting from Brisbane, Australia! And I leave for Bermuda in just a few more weeks, to attend my sister, Rebecca's wedding!

And there's still so many other details to fill in, as well! So stay tuned - hopefully I get online later tonite and share ALL of what's going on, and perhaps also some really BIG NEWS!