November 08, 2009

The Cleaning, Again...

I was looking for a poem to put up on the wall, that would hopefully remind my boys about tidying up after themselves, but I just couldn't find anything quite right. So, instead, I wrote my own!

Feel free to use it for your own personal use, credited to myself, Sara Westhead.

If you would like to use it for commercial use, please contact me.


The Cleaning... Again

I've tidied the kitchen,
I've tidied the chairs,
I've even managed to tidy the stairs.

I've sorted and stored
I've polished and swept
And even cleaned up after the pets.

I've washed and I've wiped,
I've made everything clean,
But someone, somewhere, is terribly mean.

You see, after all my hard work was done,
And I went to bed after the sun,
When I awoke it was terribly clear
That all my hard work had just disappeared.

The toys were all back,
And the dishes were, too.
It seems I have gremlins,
Perhaps one or two.

My boys are both at it,
And yet, once again,
I'll be starting the cleaning all over again.

by Sara Westhead