September 02, 2007

Keeping busy!

Well, it's been a long, busy summer!

Keeping two children occupied all day every day for two months can be challenging. But, we've made it through with only one week of summer left! Tommy starts Primary 1 a week Monday, and can't wait. He was really good this summer - we did our best to do some fun and educational stuff, including regular trips to the Aquarium/Zoo and the Library. In fact, he was the youngest kid to finish the summer reading programme at the library!

Summer vacation does have its challenges, the biggest being the lack of schedule or routine, making it harder to keep up with writing assignments, scrapbooking, etc. I'm currently finishing up my last article for Bermuda Media's 2007 edition of Building Bermuda. The hardest part was simply tracking people down, especially as it seems the construction industry comes to a standstill in August as everyone takes a vacation.

Also, I've been working on two assignments through Bermuda Scrapper. One is a 30-page album for the son of this woman. He's quite well-known here in Bermuda, so hopefully it will garner some more business. In fact, she has already indicated that she may want to get a second copy of the album!

I've also been working on four copies of a 20-page album for one of the island's best known socialites! That will definitely bring in some more work afterwards! Well, off know - back to the grind!