January 21, 2010

I'm so proud of my Tommy!

Reflecting on the crisis in Haiti, my Tommy got the idea to have a non-uniform day at school in order to raise funds for Haiti! He went to his headmistress, who liked the idea and talked it over with the teachers in their staff meeting, and then announced it to the school in assembly today, giving credit to my Tommy!

He's everyone's hero now - because what kid doesn't like to not have to wear a uniform to school! And lots of his friends have promised to bring in donations.

To top it all off, my Tommy wants to take £20 of his own money tomorrow to donate towards the fundraising! His daddy and I will have to talk about if we'll let him take that much of his own - we'll certainly be giving him some, too, but I'm just too proud of him! He says: "I just want to help the people in Haiti!"

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